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2020 Season Recap and...a look forward by Captain Anvil!

Posted on December 19, 2020 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (834)

"Tough Times Don't Last....Tough Teams DO!"

I thank you all for hanging in there and being tough during the 2020 season!  Paintball during Covid19 and 2020= SUCKS!   Most of the 2020 paintball season was cancelled...No scenario games, no tournaments, no speedball being played.  

Kudos to all of our team mates who continued to show up....several players participated in smaller tournaments and rec play!  I have nothing but love and respect for you all...getting out and doing your best to show support for the sport you love!

I really enjoyed getting to see most of you at our group picnic in the spring!  Being able to get together for a short time to play rec ball together was awesome!  I spent most of the day admiring this team's chemistry and unity.  I know we all have talent on the field individually..but when we get together and work together...this team is a force to be reckoned with!

I would personally like to see this entire team on the field...TOGETHER at a scenario game!  I have no doubt we have the talent and the skill to bring home another MVT award!

As for the 2020's about over.  But, we won't end the season with nothing to show for it!  We won 1st place in the Skirmish5-man tournament, despite Skirmish's last minute rule changes and field changes.  Myself along with Scotty Dog, Hammer, Wolfe and Kirby San played PHENOMENAL together!!  Together we were on point!  New Jersey Shakedown thought they had it that day, that is until they met with us!  We beat one of the best teams that day 85-10!  A HUGE thank you to KIRBY SAN!  That day...Kirby San played like a GOD!!  This was my first time handing a non-paintJUNKIE the MVP!  For that day...Kirby San--- YOU EARNED IT!!! (now come to the damn team and make it official!!). 

Despite thecurveball that 2020 has thrown us...the paintJUNKIES team is growing!  Welcome our newest members: Brandon Pitale AKA Leathal Aces, Andrew Zheng AKA Ling Ling, Kevin Wolfe AKA Wolfe, Isabella Ryan AKA Valkyrie, and Tyler Yeager AKA Yeager!  Welcome to the family!

When you are committed, you will do whatever it takes!  Stay strong team!  

Just an FYI..Get ready for a 2021 New Jersey Directive Game!!

PaintJUNKIES for life....


Captain Anvil!

Catching Up!!

Posted on November 21, 2019 at 11:10 AM Comments comments (2)

We are going back in time (just a little bit) with a blog from our Captain! Better late than never! ;)


“The strength of the team is each individual member, the strength of each member is the team”.


Hello my fellow Paintjunkies, I have wanted to do this blog for a while now…days turn into weeks; weeks turn into months; time just flies. I want to go back to September 29, 2019. Five Man cargo and tunnels tournament. We were fire that day!! Thanks to Reaper, Scottie Dog Dabby Duck, Lil Beast, Machine, Vivino, Rogue and myself. Even though skirmish changed the rules about subbing and our point reduction....(from you know who) and yes we all still love him!!! Overall, we placed fourth! Every one of you played your hearts out!! I wish I could’ve played some of you more…but again skirmish changing up the rules at the last second pot the brakes on that! Let me tell you something…I played in a couple of tournaments with different team members who left and created their own team, little did they know, the talent that they left behind!! The team I have now…Flawless and talented!!! Our highest score with the previous tournament team was 505… our score that day was 590!! We killed it that day!! Our highest score yet in a tournament!!! Thank you all for your hard work, effort and heart!! We played like professionals that day! Another really cool thing about that day, other teams were putting all their gear down and watching us play and cheering us on!! That should tell you something!!

Hold your head up high!! Every single one of you deserve it…but one individual stood out!

He stalked his prey like a lion and moved skillfully!! Scottie Dog!! If you never watched him play,

October 19, 2019-- The Battle of the Bulge!! Another win for the Allied side with the help of the Paintjunkies!! We had a killer squad that day--- myself, Scottie Dog, Master Roshi, Hammer, Vivino, Ironman, and two new prospects-- Shockwave and Miyagi San!! We followed our command for the win!! We held areas, took over areas, pushed back Germans, and ran props!! Like always we are flawless!! We are the hammer of the allies!! I don’t know about the rest of you…but I fought the Germans back a lot! We are fierce, we are a force to reckon with!!

I know the allies appreciate us and don’t wanna lose us… But for all that we do with them and still no recognition ?? Just saying, German anyone????


Lastly, we’re going have some new recruits soon! Welcome! Andrew Smith a.k.a. Shockwave, Jacob Conrad a.k.a. Machine, Zack Hayman A.k.a. Dabby Duck, and Daniel Ratanquong A.k.a. Miyagi San!! Welcome to the team… more than team, a family. We’re a team! Whatever you lack, we got you!! We will balance each other out!! Minor setback? Guess we'll make a major comeback. Bad day? Well, I promise you a better day!! You need support? I’ll be your back bone!! I’ll keep you motivated and at the top!! Always!!

You don’t ever have to doubt my loyalty!! You got me, I got us!

Respect and love for this team. Eat...sleep...paintball...repeat.

Captain Anvil


Urban Warfare April 2019

Posted on April 16, 2019 at 10:30 AM Comments comments (0)

WOW!  Sorry guys, I just realized how LONG it has been since a blog was posted!  Our Captain and General on the Red Team has a few words about this weekend!  ~~Flatline

What can I say about my comrades at arms, the paintJUNKIES? This was a major event for all of us! This was my first time as General, and many of you as Commanders and XO’s! I wanted a win so badly, making a statement as my first time being a General! You all gave this win to me and to US as a team! Thank you to everyone! You amaze me, you helped us win this game! All of your attitudes, your passion, going the extra mile in preparation! Your fearlessness and bravery radiated and multiplied throughout the entire group! As individuals we can only do so much, but together we can accomplish anything!!! When we come together we are a force to be reckoned with!

I can’t thank you enough! Thank you for coming out to this event, thanks to each of you for stepping into Commander and XO roles so quickly and easily! I love this team! You all went out there and kicked ass! You know as well as I do, we had the Blue team at their insertion, dominating the field on Sunday especially!

The paintJUNKIES had some help from a few other teams as well! We couldn’t have done this without the Pine Devils, Mongoose Tactical, Red Raiders, Bad Company and Smokin’ Guns! I can’t leave out the walk-on players who had a hand in this victory also!

We certainly had some epic moments on the Red side-- Our team protected Vivino from assassination; Brian, Deadpool and I bomb-clearing, which brought massive points to the Red team; Thumper climbing the bunker for the trophy and claiming it for the Red team; Flatline taking over command and leading us in the right direction, helping us take every single objective on Sunday;  Frankie being a true warrior and Ironman climbing that rope grabbing even more points for our team! The mattress assault floor to floor with Hammer! And fighting with Master Roshi trying to get through that hallway, when I left the group and came around from the opposite side! You are all greatly appreciated!

This weekend MVP goes to Spaniard for his out of the box thinking, and Flatline for being in command while Leathal Aces and I tore up the field. Honestly, she is the real Red General this weekend- Commanding when myself or my XO was in the field! Honestly, I have warrior blood in me, I can’t be stuck at a desk unless I’m chained to it!!!

Thank you all for your endless support and dedication this weekend! Red Team to Victory!


~General Anvil

Battle for Britain 2018

Posted on October 23, 2018 at 6:20 PM Comments comments (110)

Well PaintJunkies, The Battle for Britain is here and gone and the Allies got the win! Not only did we take the title back, we crush them 47 to 11!! There were only nine paintJUNKIES on the field of battle: Charlie 1, Sideswipe, Master Roshi, Boomer, Rabbit, Hammer, Hurt Locker, Ace and myself.

Lucky for the Germans there were only nine of us!! We were the perfect kill squad!! As individuals, we can do only so much, but together we can dominate!! Led by Charlie 1, we made an impact on the Germans at Skirmish like always. As the Allied team went far right, really far right of Tippmann City, we approached the Battle! All nine of us marched past the 40 people that were supposedly holding the line to do what we do best! We went to the front line and kicked ass! Nothing more gets my adrenaline flowing more than hearing “PAINTJUNKIES ON ME… let’s clear the area”!! Did we ever!!!

I saw the Germans backs more than their faces! It’s funny though, when we first got to the line, one of our teammates heard the command kind of mocking us saying “let’s see what the speed ballers can do”… little do they know we have a solid team, with mechanical, mag fed and speed ballers on the team!! We pushed the Germans back 160 feet to Tippmann city. While we held that line, they got 2 drops behind us for points. When Command finally caught up to us and I was talking to one of them they were waiting for a 3rd drop right where we left the game to go back to air and ball up! So, YEAH, your welcome command.....keep calm paintJUNKIES and keep being TEAM this team… paintJUNKIES for life! Captain Anvil


5-man Cargo and Tunnels Tournament

Posted on October 11, 2018 at 9:15 AM Comments comments (1)

Sorry for the lateness with this post!

The paintJUNKIES squad managed to field THREE 5-man teams for this event!  PaintJUNKIES Black, Red and Gold!  In addition to 5 NEW players on the field, the GUARDIAN has returned to play!

I can't tell you how exciting it was to take the field on Sunday September 30!  Not only was it my dreaded 40th birthday, but I my brother in paintball was on my squad!  It felt awesome to have him on the field with me!  

It's a very exciting time to be a paintJUNKIE (in my opinion)!  We are growing and adding to our team (our family!) and we continue to work on our skills as a player in both tournament and scenario play!

You guys ROCK!


...and a few words from Captain Anvil about the tournament:

"To be a beast you must become a beast!! Because in this game, the weak get eaten!

Hello my fellow paintJUNKIES, I learned a lot from the five man cargo tournament this time around!! I learned that I missed my Co-Captain and Tournament captain not being there! We all took a beating that day, but I learn from my mistakes!

Everyone on this team, I am proud of you because no one gave up!! It didn’t matter how many times we got beat, y’all got back in there and tried again and again!! Every time you got in there, that gave you more character, and more strength!! When you’re on that field, set goals for yourself! Sometimes the goal is: tomorrow is learning from yesterday.

So, all of you hold up your head up high, never stop reaching for that goal on the field.

Thumper, I thank you for stepping up and taking a Captain’s role in leading your team!! This has been twice I just stuck you in this position and you do it well!! You’re a natural born leader. Thanks bro!!

Believe it or not, the MVP from all the teams was Jurkowf! He impressed me with all the improvement that he made!! The first tournament he played from going to “what the fuck is going on”, to crossfiring and tagging opponents out, pulling flags and hanging flags!!! This was your day man-- hold your head up high!! Congratulations. Welcome new members: Dylan, Josh, Jade and Devaughan! And a big welcome back Guardian!!! Y’all make me proud, you’re all ny family!!! I’ll never ever walk away from this team! This team kicks ass!!!

Eat, Sleep, Paintball…repeat!! PaintJUNKIES for life!!!"

Captain Anvil

ION 2018

Posted on July 30, 2018 at 1:25 PM Comments comments (1)

Yesterday is not ours to recover but tomorrow is ours to win! Congratulations to my band of brothers, the paintJUNKIES! We went to ION to prove who we are! We are making a name for ourselves as the Hammer of the 1st ID! All of you should hold your heads up high! Be proud of what you did. We were outgunned and outnumbered, it was hot a humid…it rained like hell! We STILL went into the field of battle! We charged into the massacre over and over; walking off the field airless and paintless with K/D ratios that were unbelievable!

All of you can be proud! Like always, true to paintJUNKIES fashion we came, we conquered, WE KICKED ASS!

A few individuals stuck out this weekend-- Spaniard and Vivino sticking it out and running in the rain on Sunday…going rogue and running props back! Congratulations and welcome to the newest paintJUNKIES- Chaotic Patriot, Fun Size, Sideswipe and Boomer—TOTAL RESPECT!

As always I have nothing but respect for our fellow paint-slingers and teams who ran alongside us for ION 2018- Tribal Disturbance, CT Reapers, Ducks, Red Raiders, Merica and Hell Hounds! We were all bruised and battered from the German Army!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m bloodthirsty for the Battle for Britain, so be prepared to follow me into hell! We’re getting that German War Machine’s Flag!

Eat… Sleep… Paintball… Repeat!

~Major Anvil

WTS Summer Showdown

Posted on July 10, 2018 at 1:20 PM Comments comments (100)

What a great day for paintball!  The JUNKIES traveled to Cousin's Paintball in Manchester, New Jersey to compete in the WTS Summer Showdown!  And BOY did they deliver!

Our team mad some mad moves, and showed their increasing skills on the field!  Anvil and I watched from the sidelines for this tourney, but our team put on a great show!

Chaz and Buck Nasty were the dynamic duo for this event...holding it down!  I was happy to meet Spaniard for the first time and I have to say; Boy can he PLAY!  He did extremely well for his first tournament showing...during one match he was outgunned after losing 2 of his teammates on his side of the field! 

Check out the video of Thumper putting in work, even after a nasty fall (x2...LOL), he manages to shoot out his opponent even after dropping his marker and falling on the field!  

I am so proud of our team on and off the field!  We become better paintballers everytime we take the field and we are always forming new friendships and relationships with other teams!  

The sky is the limit for this team...and I am so happy that I will be along for the ride!

paintJUNKIES for life!



5-man Cargo Tournament 6/3/18

Posted on June 6, 2018 at 10:05 AM Comments comments (0)

This team amazes me every time we get on the field. We grow and adapt to each other extremely quickly! The hours and weeks and months of effort and the beatings we took from our first tournament made us victorious this time around! The blood, sweats and tears over the last 9 months of tournament play made us Champions on this day! We were hungry for success and we finally got our First place win! We did it in FOUR Tournaments! Hold your heads up high for all our hard work getting to this finish!

Rabbit… your running abilities paid off garnering 200 points alone with flag pulls, Hammer and Buck Nasty’s body counts were more than D-day, I’m sure of it....LOL  and Charlie 1 had some great firefights and his body count was high, including one flag pull!!

You guys played like champions today! MVP’s for each and every single one of our team who participated in this Tournament! Be proud, you’ve earned it!

paintJUNKIES for life

~Captain Anvil

Words from paintJUNKIES Black Tournament Captain-  Thumper:


I’d like to first praise the PaintJunkies Black team for their dedication and amazing performance, great job team! First, I would like to say this was not only our first tournament together but the first tournament for each of our players individually. We could not fill the full five-man roster but were able to pick up an additional player from the field who was an amazing addition to our team. Thank you Josh “Tank” Armstrong for being our fifth man and a great asset on the field.

Our first two matches were a blur, we certainly showed our rookie status on the field with low communication and a little confusion. After those two losses the team showed their level of determination by not hanging their heads down low. We openly spoke about our field observations and mistakes to collectively criticize the team which everyone took with an open mind. The team’s idea to change strategies based on our mistakes which translated into a 100-point victory for our 3rd match.

Engulfed in adrenaline and our heads held high, we took pride in our first every tournament victory. This was an amazing feeling for the team and you could clearly see the joy and sense of accomplishment on everyone’s face, it was pure happiness. From there, our communication and teamwork continued to grow and adapt as the matches progressed. It was a beautiful experience for me as PaintJunkies black’s captain to see our team go from rookie to force to be reckoned with. We pulled a few difficult victories against some seasoned players that most thought we no shot at but this team was determined to fine tune their skills and left everything we had on those fields. More matches came with more wins and we climbed our way to our placement at fourth. I am proud of what our group accomplished, from our fourth place standing to the lessons learned. I am immensely prouder of the individual performances and positive attitudes from Anthony “Jurkowf” Farina, Jason “Master Roshi” Soto, and Pamela “PGorga” Gorga. They not only made me proud as their stand in Captain but showed everyone on the field what it means to be a PaintJunkie. You will definitely see the PaintJunkies Black team on the field again placing higher on the score boards. Great job everyone and I can’t wait to step on to the next field of battle with you!

PaintJunkies through and through!


WTS 5v5 4/15/18

Posted on April 17, 2018 at 11:00 AM Comments comments (0) was bound to happen at some point!  I finally played in my very first full tournament!  To say I was extremely nervous would be an understatement! 

For me, playing in a scenario game versus a tournament is a huge difference!  In a scenario I am one of many players and all eyes are not on me.  There are usually several females on the field as well!  During a tournament, there are only five or seven or a max of ten players on the field...and I have yet to see a single female on the field during this type of tournament play!!  Initially, I was planning on being a backup player in case someone wanted a break...instead, I ended up playing the entire tournament!  Despite my nerves, I feel like I did ok.  Of course there are things that I need to improve upon but I am glad that I played in the full tournament and hope to do so again in the future!  We played on two different fields during this tournament...I was definately most comfortable on the actual "woodsball" type field!  I was more at home there than the "hyperball" field!

During this tournament, the paintJUNKIES had their very first match sweep of points and a flag hang!  This was super exciting as it was the first time it had ever been done by our team in a tournament!

It was great to take the field with Anvil, Hammer, Buck Nasty and Rabbit!  We have come so far in such a short time!  I am excited to see where we go in the future!  Thanks to my teammates for their support and encouragement while I was dealing with my nerves before the tournament began!

Respect as always to my fellow ballers and brothers!



Rabbit was the MAN during this tournament- taking chances and making plays! Here are a few words from him:

"Sunday's event for the paintJUNKIES family was an epic chapter in the books! Taking 4th place this time was only a number! We came together as a team and a family on and off the field.  We proved that we have come so far in such a short period of time! Our communication has gotten 100 times better, we have second sight with our team mates on the field. We have learned to trust one another. Most of all, the greatest was the recognition from other teams on how well we did. Feeling joy and celebration of a clean sweep of 100 points definitely helped as well! Buck Nasty truly played amazing, Anvil was on point as Field Captain, Flatline holding down the middle and calling out positions and of course Hammer and I always seem to get in the shit! I truly have seen our team go above and beyond, we keep getting better and better! I LOVE this family! Until the next one!".

Rabbit~ paintJUNKIE for LIFE!



Stalingrad XIII

Posted on March 27, 2018 at 8:15 PM Comments comments (0)

On 3/24/2018, the paintJUNKIES traveled to Skirmish to participate in a huge scenario game where the Russians take on the Germans in a winter warfare game!

Both old and new paintJUNKIES were on hand for what turned out to be an EPIC battle! The Russians (AKA- Allies) came out victorious with a 30-20 victory! True to paintJUNKIES fashion...we came, we saw, we conquered!

Despite some of us having played together only once…we played like a well-oiled machine! Moving on the field together like we have been playing together for years instead of days! This team never fails to surprise me in many ways!

Deadpool was running a GoPro and you can see some of his Footage on the Video Vault Page!

 His squad took over Alamo not ONCE... But TWICE on Saturday!

As always….paintJUNKIES for life!



From Captain Guardian:

Saturday we achieved another victory over the Germans at the Battle of Stalingrad. I was asked to command the 3rd battalion along with the paintJUNKIES. Although communications throughout the day would cut in and out we were still able to attack and defend key points which helped the allies get in to position for an attack. We fought hard in the face of adversity. It was great to see my guys working together... old members and our very new members did absolutely amazing. Shout out to my XO Anvil who I couldn’t have done all of this without. Great work on behalf of Charlie 1 and Rabbit for being team leads. As always I’m proud of you guys!!

A word from the Field Captain Anvil:

"The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory".  This was one of our hardest battles yet.  This team has the courage, bravery as a fortified unit!  There is nothing like stading back and watching you guys (and girls) play when we're all together as a unit!  We sweep and take over areas like the plague!  (Black Death Squad)!!!  We have definately found our calling in the "sweep and destroy"!  Thanks to Guardian for leading us to victory even though communications were down from Command.  I want to give a shout out to two individuals that were always there when I needed someone to flank or cover fire...Thanks to Thumper and Flatline for being my wingman/woman.  PRIDE is what we all have on this team!  Eat, sleep, paintball....REPEAT!