We are a young team, but we are a team committed to working hard and reaching for our goals!

The very first (and hopefully NOT the last MVT award- Stalingrad 2017 in 15in of snow!  The paintJUNKIES braved the elements and helped the Allies win AND brought home the MVT award to boot!

paintJUNKIES put in some WORK with prop running, Stalingrad 2019!

Captain Anvil put together and winning team...Red Team Wins, New Jersey Directive 2019!

Anvil and Hammer, with a flag pull! 2018, WTS series tournament, Cousins Paintball, New Jersey!

2020, Skirmish 5-man Tournament- 1st place!

2017 ION- Allied Win! The paintJUNKIES area also featured in Paintball Magazine!

The paintJUNKIES team braved the July heat at Cousins Paintball and the WTS tournament to bring home the bronze!

paintJUNKIES protect an important prop, Battle for Berlin, 2018.

paintJUNKIES placed 3rd at Skirmish 5-man tournament.